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Found some old books' of dad's but don't know if they are worth anything?
Perhaps your concerned about being ripped off by unscrupulous dealers?
Maybe you need an appraisal for insurance?

Well, now you can get your book professionally appraised within days without having to carry it across town to a rare book dealer (should you be lucky to live near one). Even if you did take it to him, what's he going to offer you? As little as possible. If he's buying it's in his interest to play down its value.

How does he value books? He thinks back to similar items he has sold. In a global marketplace this sort of valuation is meaningless.

I don't want to buy your book and my valuations are completely independent, based on sales world-wide at auction houses, online auctions and book dealers.

You may be surprised what some old books are worth and it's not just hardbacks: some paperbacks are worth thousands too. So before you, throw or give away, your books - get them valued.

thanx for prev email regarding my harry potter book... -- Roger D (April 2007)